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Acapulco News – Mexico
Acapulco News – Mexico Jojo Jones offers brief updates on what is going
Acapulco Travel Facts
The Basics City Name: Acapulco Where is it located?: Acapulco is in south western Mexico. Why do people go there?: Party hardy in Acapulco! This popular spring break and resort destination draws all types from retirees to college co-eds to families to its beaches and nightlife. How do travelers get there?: Most travelers fly into […]
Acapulco Travel Guide – Restaurants
Acapulco Travel Guide – Restaurants Luxury The consensus is that Madeira’s, Baikal and Kookaburra, on the hillside in Las Brisas, are among the best restaurants in town. Le Jardin des Artiste, across from the Continental Hotel, has also had good reports. El Olvido, on Diana Circle, is set on a terrace just above the beach, […]
Acapulco Travel Guide – Transport
Acapulco Travel Guide – Transport Taxis Very few Acapulco taxis have meters, so settle the fare before you get in. The basic rate is 25 pesos for an ‘average’ ride: if your trip starts and ends on either side of the big flagpole in front of Papagayo Park, the fare should be about twenty-five pesos. […]
Acapulco Travel Guide – History
Acapulco Travel Guide – History Acapulco Travel Guide – History On 13 December 1521, exactly four months after the fall of Tenochtitlán, the Spanish found the tiny fishing village of Acapulco. Spanish explorers used the port, which is virtually the only natural deep-water harbor south of San Francisco, to begin exploring what was called the ‘Great South Sea’. Westward voyages […]
Acapulco Travel Guide – Accommmodation
Indie Rating – Rate It BUDGET $– per day What is Indie Travel? My indie travel rating for : Your daily travel Costs (Optional) –$5$10$15$20$25$30$35$40$45$50$55$60$65$70$75$80$85$90$95$100$105$110$115$120$125$130$135$140$145$150$155$160$165$170$175$180$185$190$195$200USD Approx, excluding flights Rate Acapulco Travel Guide – Accommodation Hotels in Acapulco Here are some economical hotels in Acapulco. There are, of course, hundreds of others because tourism is Acapulco's […]