Adam Carter Travel Articles

Continental Drift #11: DJ’s, Devotion and a Riotous Religious Revival – Sao Paolo, Brazil
Adam found himself immersed in a chaotic mix of sweat, drugs, tattoos, and pounding electronic music. Some would call this massive assembly a party, but to those in attendance it was more of an annual
Continental Drift #9: Bombs and Beats on a Brazilian Beach – Jericoacoara, Brazil
Is it morbid to revel in the wake of war? While Adam's government was dropping bombs, he was dropping tunes and shedding stereotypes in the name of tolerance and love.
Continental Drift #10: Sex and the City, Recife Style – Recife, Brazil
After all the hype, Adam was eager to see if there was any truth to the talk about Recife's pulsing nightlife.
Continental Drift #8: Silver Heaven, Black Hell – Potosi, Bolivia
Does the Devil exist? Adam finds the answer to this age-old question within the choking tunnels of the Potosi silver mine in Bolivia.
Continental Drift #6: Salty Sacredness – Chile
Adam ponders the indomitable human spirit and asks what is sacred as he wanders the streets of a mining ghost town in northern Chile.
Continental Drift #7: Paying for Carnaval – Sao Luis, Brazil
Sitting on a Brazilian beach, Adam believes he deserves the pleasures of Carnaval, after enduring the bus journey that got him there.
Continental Drift #4: Economic Bandit – Argentina
Unlike many travelers, Adam does not feel ashamed to admit he hs come to Argentina due to its sudden affordability. He is an ecomonic bandit.
Continental Drift #5: Farewell Argentina – Argentina
It's February already and Adam has fallen behind schedule. It's not his fault though - all the blame lies with Argentina.
Continental Drift #1: The End of the World – Ushuaia, Argentina
Where better to spend the end of the year than at the End of the World. Adam gave up the warmth of Brazilian beaches for the Antarctic chill of Ushuaia, Argentina.
Continental Drift #2: Enraged Elements – Patagonian Andes
Adam battles the elements to reach the summit of a mountain in the Patagonian Andes.