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Paradise in the Indian Ocean – Mauritius
Ernest Hemingway believed Mauritius to be heaven, and Tom Muller agrees with him.
The Lalibela Pilgrim and other Tales from Ethiopia
Devin Foxall offers snippets of experiences and the people he met in Ethiopia.
System is Down. Come Again Tomorrow. Adventures at the Cape Town DMV – Cape Town, South Africa
Laura Pentelbury discovers that even trying to renew a South African drivers license can be an adventure.
Peter and the Sand Elephant – South Africa
Andrea Granahan finds that sometimes, solace comes in unexpeted forms.
Holed up with the Police in Ouarzazate – Morocco
Lizabeth Smith befriends the Moroccan police.
Hard Rockin’ in Hurghada – Hurghada, Egypt
A tale of what happens when a well-meaning tourist, Sarie Francis, goes searching for a Hard Rock Cafe.
Taxi!, Egyptian Thrill Ride! – Egypt
Riding in taxis overseas is so addicting, after years of calm public conveyance, Justine Merrill has been seduced by the charm and terror of car rides with strangers.
White Camel Dream – Burkina Faso/Niger
White Camel Dream – Burkina Faso/Niger home_april7_kinga.jpgKinga Freespirit p
Capital of Ghosts – Cote d’Ivoire
In Cote d'Ivoire, John M. Edwards visits a monument to megalomania - in the middle of nowhere.
First Time Africa – Bamako, Mali
home_feb23_africa.jpgAnna Springbett asks, is it possi