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Bow Valley, Alberta Canada – Eating Out
For relatively small towns, they present a monstrous choice of international cuisine for all palettes, complete with award-winning chefs to prepare it for you. The ethnic cuisine encompasses: Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Southwestern, Swiss and, oh yes, Canadian. You can also find the regular franchise places and plenty of pizza houses. […]
Bow Valley, Alberta Canada – Climate
If you ask the locals, we’d say that we have one season: the snowy one. But the four distinct seasons, and the different activities and opportunities they bring are the reason that most of the "whining" locals live in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. There are many accounts of the intrepid traveller coming for a couple […]
Bow Valley, Alberta – March 2000
March is the most beautiful segment of winter in the Rockies (it’s warming up!). Snow-clad peaks cast against the clearest blue skies, followed by short snow storms that bring another dump of snow for the many visiting winter recreational enthusiasts. Activities in the snow is, after all, why people come to this part of Alberta. […]
Bow Valley, Alberta Canada – Getting Here
Calgary International Airport, 90 minutes east of Banff National Park, is the eastern gateway to the Bow Valley. Calgary is an uncrowded, modern facility serving the more than 15 international carriers and 3 domestic regional carriers. For flight information, contact your travel agent, a local sales representative, or the airlines servicing Calgary, Alberta, CANADA. Motorcoach […]
Are You Wearing Long Johns? – Alberta, Canada
Are You Wearing Long Johns? – Alberta, Canada Sarah Spence has now joined the entirety of Canada
Kerouac Gets One Thumb Up – Jasper, Alberta
Colin Field was out to live life as fully as he po
Bow Valley, Alberta – May 2000
Sorry for my lack of news during April… the Rockies were doing the snow thing one day, and the sun thing the next! So depressing to be back to winter when you’ve had your shorts on for a day or two! And, actually the family and I escaped to Oregon for the first two weeks… […]
Bow Valley Spring Survival Guide
Dealing with Ticks, Elk AND “Living in Bear Country” I mentioned in March that I would start a survival section, and the front page headlines in the paper on April 19 kind of launched me into it: Wardens chase bear from Banff backyards. The bears are awake and hungry… and it’s therefore, the wake-up call […]
Bow Valley, Alberta – Accommodation – Bow Valley, Alberta, Canada
Bow Valley, Alberta – Accommodation – Bow Valley, Alberta, Canada Bow Valley, Alberta – Accommodation The Bow Valley is the tourist mecca once known only as Banff. Welcoming nearly five million visitors per year, our world-class scenery is matched by first-class amenities and warm, friendly hospitality. Since it’s inception in 1885, Banff National Park was created for service to tourists brought by the CP Rail. […]
Bow Valley, Alberta – Campground Accommodation – Bow Valley, Alberta, Canada
Bow Valley, Alberta – Accommodation Campgrounds ($) One of the best ways to see the Rockies is to get a vehicle, a tent, and go camping! Better yet, rent a truck/camper or a small motorhome and travel in style. Many campgrounds in the area are primitive, but the big ones have full hook-ups, hot showers, […]