Alex Welsh Travel Articles

Alternative to the Inca Trail – Peru, South America
Whether for conservation or economic reasons, or both, the Inca Trail is no more the adventure it used to be. Overcrowded and strictly controlled, it pushes travellers to look for an alternative. For
Las Fallas of Valencia – Spain, Europe
Las Fallas of Valencia – Spain, Europe Alex Welsh describes the four days of Las Falles in Valencia, Spain - the craziest urban festival in Europe, and one of the most bizarre and fascinating European attractions.
Guns of Latin America – Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador
A bizarre trip, from Havana to San Salvador, took Alex Welsh through four levels of Latin America's gun culture.
Learning Spanish in Xela, Guatemala – Central America
Learning Spanish in Guatemala is popular. Alex Welsh studied in Xela, the place to go if you want to remain fairly off-the-trail.
Valencia: The City That Has It All – Spain, Europe
Travel writer, Alex Welsh, touts Valencia - a recently re-invented European city that is quickly becoming one of Europe's hottest urban travel phenomenons and best kept secr
The City of Arts and Sciences: Travel to the 23rd Century – Valencia, Spain, Europe
Alex Welsh thinks the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia should have been selected as one of the New Wonders of the World. On second thought, he understands why it wasn't.
The Crimean Peace – Crimea, The Ukraine, Europe
Crimea remains largely unknown to the traveller. Alex Welsh finds there can’t be that many places on the planet that are so multi-dimensional, it makes your head spin.
El Salvador, Part Two: Thoughts – El Salvador, Central America
El Salvador, Part Two: Thoughts – El Salvador, Central America Alex Walsh discusses the 12-year war and how it impacted El Salvador, especially in one area.
The Almost By Accident Vacation – El Salvador: Part One – El Salvador
El Salvador has a reputation of being a small, out of the way, and dangerous country with not much too see - the perfect place for Alex Welsh to vist and get off the beaten track.