Alyson Peel Travel Articles

Namibia: Windhoek-Etosha-Swakopmund-Sossuvlei – Africa
Namibia: Windhoek-Etosha-Swakopmund-Sossuvlei – Africa Alyson Peel does not think six days is enough time to see Namibia, to get a sense of the African cultures that gave rise to this diverse and extraordinary country.
Morocco, Part 2 – Africa
Morocco, Part 2 – Africa Something about the desert makes Alyson Peel feel she belongs there. It has captured her heart; it is in her blood. Read why.
Morocco, Part 1 – Africa
Morocco,  Part 1 – Africa Alyson Peel journeys through Morocco, sharing some of her thoughts and experiences.
Escape to Mali – Africa
Alyson Peel shares her thoughts on several small cities in Mali, West Africa.