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Time Travel – Bangladesh, Indian Subcontinent, Asia
Wherever Andrew Morris travels in this bustling place, there are people on the move. Dhaka is a city in perpetual motion, with an occasional moment of stillness. Through Andrew's eyes, we see its
A Weekend Away from Dhaka – Bangladesh
The true wealth of Bangladesh lies in its incredible welcomes, its friendliness and its humanity. Andrew Morris knows. He's on a repeat visit to Rajshahi meeting old friends, making keen observati
Imagining Bangladesh – Dhaka, Bangladesh
Andrew Morris sees his relationship with Bangladesh as an arranged marriage, like the local custom in which, rather than falling in love at first sight, you are first introduced to your partner, get m
Escaping the City – Dhaka, Bangladesh
Four more days of this before Andrew Morris heads home. But who’s counting?
Happy Families – Dhaka, Bangladesh
Andrew Morris marvels at the respect given to family in Bangladesh.