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Wat an Experience: The Temples of Angkor – Siem Reap, Cambodia
Dean Moriarty examines the history, sights and sounds of Angkor Wat.
Water, Water Everywhere – Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Desperate for water, Jarrah Dundler receives it from that who he least expects it.
South East Asia on a Hamstring – March 11
Angkor Wat, Cambodia – March 11, 2000 I crawled onto the minibus in the dark. We left promptly at 5:30am to see the sun rise over Angkor Wat. Again, the sun was not up for cooperating. Angkor Wat became slowly less gray in the hazy morning, disappointing the hundred or so tourists that waited with […]
RTW Honeymoon #10: Motos, Temples and Some Guy at the Airport – Thailand and Cambodia
RTW Honeymoon #10: Motos, Temples and Some Guy at the Airport – Thailand and Cambodia The Lightholders spent three days soaking up the atmosphere of Khao San Road before heading to Cambodia and some of the world's most spectacular temples at Angkor Wat.
Searching for Something #11: Peace in Angkor – Angkor Wat, Cambodia
If there's progress in Cambodia, it seems to be brought only by Thais and Vietnamese, but there is a peace to the country that strikes Tutti.
What Do Travellers Do All Day?: #9 – New Year’s in Angkor Wat- Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Nearly falling out of a pickup truck after Khmer New Year, Meg has decided not to try out for the waterbombing team, unless it's as a target.
A Round-the-World Journey to Find a New Home #11
The magnificent temple complex is truly a sight to behold. There are also plenty of other temples to watch the sun rise and set as well as small villages tucked behind the trees.
The Millennium Trip – Letter #15
Sawat dii everyone, A colleague of mine in London has a sister who visited Bangkok (map) in the early 70’s. She recalls that the town smelt overpoweringly of blossoms. Nowadays it smells mostly of smog and, like all of Asia, cooking. To the traveler, the city appears to be a maze of dual carriageways, pedestrian […]