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Cool Comfort in Antigua – Antigua, Guatemala
home_may20_charm.jpgAntigua i
Antigua’s Environs – Antigua, Guatemala
Lito Galvan continues his tour of Guatemala's architectural wonders by exploring Antigua's surrounding area.
Old World Treasure Hunting in Antigua – Antigua, Guatemala
Shooting Two Birds with One Stone – Antigua, Guatemala
home_may20_birds.jpgLito Galv
Antigua: Home Sweet Home
Semana Santa is one week when Antigua gets even mo
Jade at Antigua, Guatemala
“Where in Central America is the best place to buy jade?” Try Guatemala, the home of Mayan jadeite. Last summer I stopped for a week in Antigua, the old colonial capital. It is located 45 kms west of Guatemala City, the modern capital. In Antigua, a thriving lapidary industry produces beautiful carvings and jewellery from […]