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I Wanna Be a Travel Writer – Jan. 25, Auckland (1 of 3)
Jan. 25 – Auckland I wanted a backpack with wheels so badly I could taste it. After all, my weekender travel case had wheels and shoulder straps, and did I ever use the straps? No. I wheeled it everywhere. Up and down the halls of airports, through the casinos, and up to my hotel rooms, […]
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Love & Loneliness in Auckland (2 of 2)
By now it was late afternoon. Darkness was descending on the grey skies of Auckland, and having had no breakfast or no dinner the previous night I was entering advanced stages of starvation. I couldn’t leave the room though, not without him; I had to see what was going to happen. It was then that […]
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Love & Loneliness in Auckland (1 of 2)
On the road alone, Aoife Hegarty meets up with a f
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