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The Penguin Parade: A Boxing Day Event! – Philip Island, Victoria, Australia
Rachel Nena Krasno watched penguins climb the beach towards their burrows - an amazing feat for half-pint sized animals with seagulls as their enemies.
Why fly to Alice Springs? – Cairns to Alice Springs, Australia
Rachel Nena Krasno thinks the journey into the Outback is probably one of the most fantastic parts of Australia. Some may say there is nothing for miles, but she says, "why fly?"
The Best Laid Plans – New South Wales, Australia
It's not the weekend getaway Jason Hooker had in mind, but he certainly had an interesting view of New South Wales' small towns.
Adventures in Hostelling – New Zealand
Marisa Umsawasdi gives her take on hostels in New Zealand.
Southern Island Hopping in Australia – Bruny, Australia
Neville Millen heads to an island off the coast of Tasmania and is keen to visit its shores again in anticipation of a mixture of both solitude and stimulation.
It’s Just Me, a Dumb American – Cooranbong, New South Wales, Australia
Becky Dewey only added to the American backpacker reputation while she was in Australia. However, in the defense of the United States, most of her blunders occurred, not because she was American, but
All Dried Up – New South Wales, Australia
After seeing the dry creekbeds of New South Wales, Jools puts forward a request that all who are traveling within drought affected areas of Australia be aware of the plight of farmers and those who de
Memories of Oz – Australia
In the middle of an Around the World adventure, Ian and Lizzy celebrate their marriage.
A Time To Travel – New Zealand
As Jay Wilson's daughter embarks on her gap year, Jay fondly recalls her time spent abroad.
Offshore ACT – Jervis Bay, New South Wales, Australia
Douglas Spadotto checks out all that nature (and friendship) has to offer.