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The South Caucasus: Europe’s Forgotten Frontier
The South Caucasus: Europe’s Forgotten Frontier The South Caucasus is Europe's Eastern frontier. From the rugged, wild Caucasus Mountains on the border with the volatile Russian states of Chechnya and Dagestan, down to the flaming mountainsides on the shores of the Caspian Sea, traveling the South Caucasus is an adventure. Jennifer Walker gives you a lowdown on traveling Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.
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Azerbaijan Travel Facts
The Basics Country: Azerbaijan Where is it: Azerbaijan is located in southwestern Asia, bordering the Caspian Sea, between Iran and Russia, with a small European portion north of the Caucasus range. Why do people go here: Azerbaijan is known for its embroidered textiles. Once part of the Great Silk Route, there are numerous historical sites […]
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Worldwide with Wee-Cheng #55: Baku, Azerbaijan: Short Foray in Boom Town – Baku, Azerbaijan
The local Azeris remind Wee-Cheng of the amazing hospitality so prevalent across the Caucasus and Central Asia.
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