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The New Lithuania – Lithuania
Tom Dwyer visits a recent EU addition - Lithuania.
The All-Consuming Tourist Gaze – Tallinn, Estonia
home_july1_estonia.jpgEstonia welcomes
Our Liepaja Adventure – Liepaja, Latvia
Our Liepaja Adventure – Liepaja, Latvia Patricia Perkins' poor preparation left her open t
European Travelogue #1: Vilnius, Lithuania
European Travelogue #1: Vilnius, Lithuania The Baltic Breakaway.
From Baltic to the Black Sea #4
Belarus (My 50th country) 2 September 1999 Doobre Zhen, (Hello in Belarussian) Actually, there’s no point writing in Belarussian, as few people, even the Belarussians, speak this language. Belarussian nationalists claim that they are a separate race from the Russians but have been excessively Russified such that they have forgotten their mother tongue. Others, for […]
From Baltic to the Black Sea #3
Vilnius, Lithuania 31 August 1999 Dear All, Lonely Planet is really screwed up in terms of cybercafe locations – or maybe such places tend to open and shut down quickly. One of the two listed in Riga wasn’t there and I spent much time searching for one above a Vilnius dogdy nightclub, only to be […]
From Baltic to the Black Sea #2
Kaunas, Lithuania 30 August 1999 Laba Diena, (Hello in Lithuanian) I’m now in Kaunas, the second largest city (and capital during the period between WWI & WWII) of the Republic of Lithuania. On Sunday morning (after a late night chat with the landlady’s 2 pretty daughters), I took the 7am bus across southern Latvia into […]
From Baltic to the Black Sea #1
Riga, Latvia 28 August 1999 Dear All, It’s Wee Cheng writing from a cybercafe in Riga, capital of the Baltic republic of Latvia, also a former Soviet republic. The Latvians speak a language close to no other peoples except the Lithuanians next door, and have not had their own country until 1919. Before that, they […]