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Wat Pho in Bangkok – Bangkok, Thailand
Vasudev Murthy cleverly dodges several scam artists en route to various Buddhist temples in Bangkok.
Morning walk on Silom – Bangkok, Thailand
As a westerner, Barry Manners was taught at school and at home to understand, not just to learn. But that's not Thai.
Bangkok Blues – Bangkok, Thailand
John M. Edwards finds no bang for the baht.
Misery in Bangkok – Chatachuk and Banglamphu – Bangkok, Thailand
Misery in Bangkok – Chatachuk and Banglamphu – Bangkok, Thailand home_jul06_miseryinbangkok.jpg
The Bangkok Gem Shock – Bangkok, Thailand
Dave Holcroft relives his gem scam experience in the hope that no other backpacker makes the same mistake, plus it is an interesting tale.
Asian Opposites: Japan to Cambodia – Japan, Thailand and Cambodia
Dean Moriarty heads to Cambodia and arrives at what looks like an Asian version of Las Vegas.
Indonesia Stops Counting in a Happy New Year – Bangkok, Thailand
Lets struggles to find happiness after starting her new year in a region facing hundreds of thousands of tsunami deaths.
Bus to Chiang Mai – Bangkok, Thailand
Cheryn Flanagan and friend wanted to escape to the
Adventures with the Local Tourist Trade – Bangkok, Thailand
Smell tourist setups? See how Bob Riel becomes ski
Worldwide with Wee-Cheng #72: Bangkok Notes: Home Nearer Than Ever Before – Bangkok, Thailand
A planned two days in Thailand turn into six, even though home is closer than ever.