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Tower Of London Events for 2002 – London, England
Tower Of London Events for 2002 – London, England Everything that's going on, at one of the city's biggest destinations and attractions.
England – March 2000
It’s Not So ‘Grim Up North’ Returning to one’s home town after several years absence brings you to a strange position – somewhere between familiarity and foreign. Experiences of other cities, countries and cultures gives you the opportunity to notice things that were previously unappreciated. With this in mind, I took to the streets of […]
London – June 2001
It’s that time of year again, when the hordes descend upon The City of London – and I’m not talking about the tourists here. There appears to be a worldwide myth about the possibility to make an infinite sum of money by working in London, and every year the global masses arrive to find out […]
The Kingdom of Swaziland General Information- Swaziland
The Kingdom of Swaziland General Information Geography Swaziland is a landlocked country located in the north east of South Africa, bordered to the north-east by Mozambique. Click here for an interactive map. Getting there and around From South Africa: The cheapest, quickest and easiest option, through not the most preferable, is to take a minibus. […]
Cape Town, South Africa – September 1999
Cape Town, South Africa – September 1999 As the bus pulls into Cape Town, I’m greeted by a spectacular view of Table Mountain, a South-Easterly covering the table with its cloth of cloud. My first thoughts at this awesome view are ‘get me off this bus and into bed’. After 18 hours on the bus from Jo’burg, its pretty hard to get […]