Barukh Shalev Travel Articles

West of Kabul – Kabul, Afghanistan
Barukh Shalev discovers that Afghanistan is full of acronyms, like W.H.O., U.N., U.S.A.I.D., W.H.O. - a country that had been ripped open and stuffed full of foreign things.
The Hospitality Club – Athens, Greece
Barukh Shalev finds himself without a place to live - and turns to The Club for survival.
Borderland – China and Pakistan
Barukh Shalev finds that borderlands are bad places with bad people; barren lands populated by people who are parasitic upon their environment, people who have no choice, people who are stuck in betwe
Fire and Ice: A Halloween Story – Bishkek, Kyrgystan
Barukh Shalev finds fights every where he turns on Halloween in Kyrgystan.
Afghanistan Part Two: Midnite at the Copacabana – Kabul, Afghanistan
Barukh Shalev drinks with the troops in Kabul.
Afghanistan Part One: Every Man A King – Peshawar, Pakistan – Kabul, Afghanistan
Barukh Shalev crosses over the border into Afghanistan, going only because it was forbidden and he was afraid.
Twins – Hunza Valley, Pakistan
Barukh Shalev meets two twin girls with the same unknown disease.
Ultash Language School – China
In China, Barukh Shalev gets into a conversation he'd rather avoid.
Forget Me Not: Notes from a Kashgar Wedding – China, Asia
While attending a Moslem wedding, Barukh Shalev peers in on 'girl things', refuses to chant "Allah U Akbar" and gives comfort through a little white lie.
To Live and Die in L.A. – Los Angeles, California
Barukh Shalev heads to L.A. with bricks of marijuana and a friend and ends up on the wrong side of town on New Year's Eve.