Barukh Shalev Travel Articles

Charlotte – Maui, Hawaii
How to you react to a slowly dying woman, Barukh Shalev questions.
The Painful Shore: Among the Dead and Dying of Kalaupapa – Molokai, Hawaii
Barukh Shalev ventures to an town of lepers, unable to shake the heavy sadness and cold embrace of death.
The Music Box – Turpan, Xinjiang Provence, China
Winning a raffle is lucky - unless it's a prize the recipient doesn't want.
The Burial of Mr. Ping – Fengxiang, China
Barukh Shalev stumbles across a traditional funeral in China, meeting a man as ugly in death as he was in life.
The Karaoke Facists – Dunhuang, China
Rattling walls can only mean one thing in China - karaoke.
The Butcher’s Son – China
Barukh Shalev observes the local butcher end the life of a sheep in China.
Dusk In The Moslem Quarter – Xi’an, China
Moslem Xi'an is a world apart from the rest of the city - and nation.
Barukh Shalev – Author Bio
Barukh Shalev – Author Bio Barukh Shalev Author Bio Barukh Shalev Barukh Shalev is a writer and photographer currently traveling in the Middle East. He can be reached at