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The Belarus Ordeal – Minsk, Belarus
Heading to Minsk sounds like a good idea to Lee Ab
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From Baltic to the Black Sea #5
Belavia Belarusian Airlines, the world’s favourite airline 3 September 1999 Dear All, I got up at glorious 4:30am to get ready for an exciting flight on Belavia to Crimea. This was one of the most exciting and fascinating flights I have ever taken, and tells everybody about everything that has gone right (1%) and wrong […]
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From Baltic to the Black Sea #4
Belarus (My 50th country) 2 September 1999 Doobre Zhen, (Hello in Belarussian) Actually, there’s no point writing in Belarussian, as few people, even the Belarussians, speak this language. Belarussian nationalists claim that they are a separate race from the Russians but have been excessively Russified such that they have forgotten their mother tongue. Others, for […]
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