Belize Travel Articles

Paget’s Belize Journal #28
November 24: A Good 19th As I told you earlier, November 19 is the major Garifuna holiday and Dangriga is the center of Garifuna culture, so it is a very big thing here. (You refer to it as “the 19th” just like you would say “Happy 4th” and everyone in the States would know what […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #8
September 10: Can You Help the Library? I will be leaving for a four-month stay in Belize in two weeks. One of the things I want to do in Belize this time is to help the Dangriga librarian, Mrs. Cornelia Ciego, expand the book collection at the public library there. The library budget is so […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #18
October 13: Cleaning and Culture Well, the weekend did not go quite as I had planned. I got felled by one of those lovely stranger-in-a-strange land bugs and wasn’t too lively for most of it. But I did get moved. On Saturday Francine, the woman who cleans here at Naturalight and works part time at […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #37
December 24: Christmas Wishes Christmas wishes for you and yours. Here’s a nice Christmas wish I just got from Kurt, the young programmer here at Naturalight. Worth passing on, I thought. We wish you the courage to be warm, when the world would like you to be cold. We wish you success sufficient to your […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #27
November 18: Dragonflies! Just a quickie. There was a dragonfly hatch yesterday and it is the most amazing thing to have a sky full of dragonflies. There were truly millions of them, all drifting lazily from where they were hatched, somewhere close to the beach to a mangrove swamp just to the northwest of the […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #7
June 30: Leaving Dangriga I was to leave on Tuesday afternoon about 2:00 and had lots of things to take care of – finishing up a project at the office, packing all the hot sauce and belongings, sorting out the tips, etc. So when I left for the office at 8:00am I asked at the […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #17
October 8: A Place to Live, Hooray! My househunting efforts have been successful and I will be moving into an apartment in the next few days! I’m a little apprehensive, it’s been cozy and safe and quiet at Pelican, but I think the timing is about right. I know how to buy groceries and water […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #36
December 24: This is the Life I know that Oregon and Massachusetts and many other spots also had good viewing for this beautiful, bright full moon and it sounds glorious, but it’s hard to believe it could get any better than my experience here. We went out to Southwater Caye about 2:00 in the afternoon. […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #26
November 17: Night Noise, Settlement Day I’ve had a restless enough go of it the last two nights that I decided to complain a little. Although there are not enough people here to make a truly difficult noise pollution situation, it can be bad enough. The noise at night and early morning comes from two […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #6
Monday, June 21: Braids, Snakes and Dogs Well, I’m not sure the Caribbean braids are an unqualified success. They’re certainly cooler, but I have to be very careful and wear my hat all the time in order not to get a checkered sunburn on my scalp. Tony and Therese’s 5-year-old daughter said my hair looked […]