Belize Travel Articles

Paget’s Belize Journal #10
September 27: Here I Am and It’s Hot! Here I am in Belize and well on my way to slowing down. Since we have lots of new people on the list since my June visit, I will repeat some general information about Belize and Dangriga. Belize is the northern-most country in Central America, on the […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #3
Wednesday, June 16: A tourist trip Yesterday I had my tourist day. Went by van up from the coast on various “highways” and back roads through the citrus fields to the Belize zoo which is a natural habitat approach for native Belizean animals and birds. The iguanas, of course, stay in whichever compound appeals to […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #2
Monday, June 14 Things are going well here in Belize, but it’s taken me this long to get an e-mail connection operating via the account of my hosts Tony and Therese. Weather has been lovely, the rainy season here is so far mostly at night. But we had a righteous thunder and lightening storm on […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #39
January 7: Bits and Pieces About Life in Belize As my time here begins to wind down, I’ve been thinking about the major social characteristics and influences that I’ve written little or nothing about. The short list is: Lottery, Drugs & Crime, Asian Merchants, Government Indifference/Corruption and Sexuality. Well, and Death. And maybe Coca-Cola. That […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #29
November 30: Wrapping Up the 19th Some interesting things to tell about the Thanksgiving trip to Mexico to visit Carol, so I’ll just do a quick wrap up on 19th festivities and hope for time to write more later today or tomorrow. After drumming until dawn on the night of the 18th-19th, then reenacting the […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #19
October 14: Hurricane Irene Just in case you were wondering, here is this morning’s evaluation of our weather GENERAL SITUATION: HURRICANE IRENE NEARING THE SOUTHWEST COAST OF CUBA POSES NO IMMEDIATE THREAT TO BELIZE EXCEPT FOR AN OCCASIONAL BAND OF SHOWERS! We keep a close watch on all tropical waves, hurricanes and so on. The […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #38
December 31: Some Christmas Experiences I had quite a nice time over the Christmas holiday even though nothing topped the moon, caye, shrimp and Chardonnay of early in the week. Christmas Eve I went visiting with Therese and the kids to see her sister (fruitcake, cashew wine) and her mother (fruitcake, rum popo – a […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #28
November 24: A Good 19th As I told you earlier, November 19 is the major Garifuna holiday and Dangriga is the center of Garifuna culture, so it is a very big thing here. (You refer to it as “the 19th” just like you would say “Happy 4th” and everyone in the States would know what […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #8
September 10: Can You Help the Library? I will be leaving for a four-month stay in Belize in two weeks. One of the things I want to do in Belize this time is to help the Dangriga librarian, Mrs. Cornelia Ciego, expand the book collection at the public library there. The library budget is so […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #18
October 13: Cleaning and Culture Well, the weekend did not go quite as I had planned. I got felled by one of those lovely stranger-in-a-strange land bugs and wasn’t too lively for most of it. But I did get moved. On Saturday Francine, the woman who cleans here at Naturalight and works part time at […]