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Laos – Land of the Million Elephants (Pre-trip)
Introduction “Why Laos?”, I was asked many times before I left for my trip. As a friend of unconventional travel, good Asian food and warm climate, the decision was quickly made. Inspired by the beauty of northern Thailand some years ago, I decided to travel again to this region. Laos is the least developed of […]
Laos – Land of the Million Elephants #7
Homeward Bound Thursday, Dec 10 – Bus to Bangkok From the guesthouse we have a nice view, overlooking the Burmese village on the other riverbank. My bus to Ching Rai leaves at 8am. Nuek takes me to the bus terminal, which is quite far out of town. I say goodbye to him and get on […]
Laos – Land of the Million Elephants #4
Luang Prabang Wednesday, Dec 2 – Luang Prabang Breakfast in the Luang Prabang Bakery with Udo and Gabi. Westerners usually converge here at this time of day, almost all tables are occupied. Ken comes along, when he could not find me at my guesthouse. We decide to explore some places across the Mekong river today. […]
Laos – Land of the Million Elephants #3
Luang Prabang Monday, Nov 30 – Luang Prabang In Luang Prabang, immigration is very strict when it comes to officially checking in and out of the province. So we first go to the immigration office to get the in-stamp in our passport and then have breakfast at the Khem Karn Food Garden. A beautiful garden […]
General Info About Laos by Bernhard Heiser
Political Situation After the 1975 takeover, Laos is ruled by the communist LPRP. The national motto is Peace, Independence, Democracy, Unity and Prosperity. Prime Minister Khamtay Siphandone is also Secretary-General of the Politburo, the Permanent Secretariat and the Central Committee, thus giving him the key role in Lao political affairs. He received political training in […]