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Book Review: Japanland by Karin Miuller – Japan Asia
Book Review: Japanland by Karin Miuller – Japan Asia Mary Keener recommends Japanland, subtitle A Year in Search of Wa, dedicated to the people of Japan, as a read for those seeking laughter, understanding and knowledge about this small island
Norman Lewis View of the World – Book Review
Philip Blazdell profiles a compilation of the works of the travel-writing great, Norman Lewis.
The Ginger Tree – Book Review
Philip Blazdell reviews The Ginger Tree, following more than forty years of East-West relationships and the development of modern Japan first through the eyes of this very young and naive girl and, th
A Pike in the Basement – Book Review
Don't read Philip Blazdell's mouth-watering review
Ulysses Travel Guides – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Ulysses Travel Guides – Montreal, Quebec, Canada Ulysses Travel Guides Montréal 2001 is a comprehensive softbound guidebook concerning the largest French-speaking city in North America, Montréal. The authors, Francois Rémillard (Exploring) and Benoit Prieur (Portrait) have done a masterful job of writing a succinct guide that appeals to the traveller, tourist and even the locals. The book divides itself into eight sections […]
Dominican Republic Travel Book Review
Dominican Republic For those of you who are not purchasing a package deal to the Dominican Republic and are travellers as distinguished from tourists, the handy sixth edition of Ulysses’ softbound edition of Dominican Republic may prove very useful. This publication was authored by Benoit Prieur and Pascale Couture and is filled with an abundance […]
The Curve of Time
The Curve of Time The Curve of Time Review by Mary Keener Travel, definitely independently, discovery, adventure, inspiration, fear, creativity, awe of nature and its inhabitants will by yours as your read The Curve of Time. This book was journeyed and written by a woman who, with her five children, sometimes with a dog, in a twenty-five foot long […]
Pie Town Woman
Pie Town Woman Pie Town Woman At first when I read the title of the book, Pie Town Woman, authored by Joan Myers, I could not imagine a town being called Pie Town! However, the town actually exists and is located in New Mexico. Its population is about 55 persons, certainly not a metropolis! You may ask how […]
Downtown Montreal
Downtown Montreal A welcome edition to the many guides pertaining to Montréal is Alan Hustak’s slim, 90-page pocket tome entitled Downtown Montreal. As Hustak indicates in his introduction, the principal objective of the book is to allow you “to discover downtown Montréal’s quirky charms by exploring several of its main public squares, both above and […]
Four Wheels Good
Four Wheels Good Four Wheels Good Can you imagine yourself driving across the USA in 1903 in a single cylinder 12-horse power automobile through the deserts of Nevada and Utah, the muddy plains of the Midwest and over the Rocky Mountains? You encounter rivers that you have to traverse and mountains to overcome. It is the dawn of […]