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Living and Breathing – Sarajevo, Bosnia
Living and Breathing – Sarajevo, Bosnia home_jun06_livingbreathing.jpg
Back to Bosnia – Bosnia-Hercegovina
According to legend, the fountain at the Gazi Husrevbeg mosque is enchanted. One drink and to Sarajevo you will return. Two drinks and in Sarajevo you will remain. Enchantments and legends aside, S
A Trip to the Land Once Known as Yugoslavia – Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro
home_oct07_yugo.jpgSue Ellen is captivated
A Fractured Country – Balkans
A Fractured Country – Balkans home_march25_fractured.jpgJoseph K
Bosnia-Herzegovina Travel Facts
The Basics Country: Bosnia-Herzegovina Where is it: Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in south-eastern Europe, bordering the Adriatic Sea and Croatia. Why do people go here: Although still the site of beautiful wilderness, recent fighting and “ethnic cleansing” by the Serbs has left much of Bosnia and Herzegovina decimated. Tourists are slowing returning, although it […]