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Day 28: Lushoto, Tanzania – Big Brother’s African Brother
Big Brother's African Brother: Day 28 - Woke up to Jason and Natasha having yet
another argument - this time about Natasha not wanting to participate in ...
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Palming – "Your Town" Travel Guide
Palming – "Your Town" Travel Guide Élan lives for today by learning about her personal future, when she takes a
metaphysical dive by trying out a palmist.
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New Year Update – December 2002 – Portland, Oregon Travel Guide …
The countdown for Christmas and New Year is on, but Jen's got you sorted out for
what to do in town.
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Haircut – "Your Town" Travel Guide
Haircut – "Your Town" Travel Guide Let your hair be a guinea pig, and find out what you can add to your personality
by taking a little off up-top.
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Fly a Plane – "Your Town" Travel Guide
Fly a Plane – "Your Town" Travel Guide Originally it was going to be skydiving, but why jump out of a plane when you
can pilot one?
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Opera – "Your Town" Travel Guide
Opera – "Your Town" Travel Guide Take in the theatre, try some opera, and see the life of characters on and the
actors off the stage.
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Local Services – Ashland & Medford – Southern Oregon Travel Guide …
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Dune Buggying – "Your Town" Travel Guide
Dune Buggying – "Your Town" Travel Guide Snag a buggy, rent a motorbike or ATV, or just hop in the car for some 4-wheeling.
Take a wild ride!
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Skydiving – "Your Town" Travel Guide
Skydiving – "Your Town" Travel Guide Experiment with gravity, feel alive, and learn that fun approaches downwards
speeds of 123 miles per hour. Wahoo!
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Tillamook – Tillamook County – Rural Oregon Travel Guide
Tillamook – Tillamook County – Rural Oregon Travel Guide Head up the coast, or just west from Portland, to visit the cheesiest town in Oregon.
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