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The Kiss of the Jellyfish – Cairns, Queensland, Australia
After snorkeling the reef, Leif Pettersen is convinced of his profound affect on stinging blueys.
Why fly to Alice Springs? – Cairns to Alice Springs, Australia
Rachel Nena Krasno thinks the journey into the Outback is probably one of the most fantastic parts of Australia. Some may say there is nothing for miles, but she says, "why fly?"
Swagman #15 – The Sugar Drive to Cairns – Cairns, Queensland, Australia
George found that there is really very little to do in Cairns but rest, drink, and risk your life on any of the latest adventure crazes sweeping through.
What Do Travellers Do All Day?: #18 – More on the Road More Travelled – Cairns to Sydney, Australia
Beaches whiter than Meg's legs await in the Whitsundays, but a friend's face in Sydney is paler still.
What Do Travellers Do All Day?: #17 – Tourist Impersonator – Darwin to Cairns, Australia
Before she snags another bus, Meg's partying in Cairns, diving the Reef and braving the road more traveled.
Australian Time Out #17: End of the East Coast Road
If you've ever wanted to skydive, scuba dive, see the reef, bungee jump, or see a wet t-shirt competition, Cairns is the place to do it!
Travels without a Plan #12
Alice Springs – Darwin – Cairns It wasn’t that long that I wrote before but so much has happened that I’m getting behind on my news. From Alice Springs I managed to get a lift in a big van, with what people described as a fairly good representation of the United Nations. The owner of […]
The Road to Becoming OZ Experienced – Alice Springs from Cairns, Three Day Overland Trip
Photojournalist David Savage travels Australia on the OZ Experience… OZ Experience has a new route on offer in Australia. Cairns to Alice Springs (or vice versa), overland in three days and two nights. This route is known as the ‘Priscilla’ route and strikes deep into the outback where nowhere means nowhere and a pub is […]
The Great Barrier Reef – Going down on the world’s biggest thing
Sailing the Whitsundays and diving the reef. What