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Cairo to Istanbul in a G-string #1
Christine Michaud is flying to Cairo to begin a tw
Cairo to Istanbul in a G-string #7
Allah have Mercy! After seven weeks in Arab lands I entered Turkey and immediately wished I could turn back. It was too touristy, too organised, too clean and too European for me. I couldn’t see how Turkey could ever impress the seasoned Arabian adventurer that I now was… until I got stuck in a 14th […]
Cairo to Istanbul in a G-string #6
The Chicken Theory “Ali, how come all Lebanese girls have big breasts?” I whispered across the breakfast table signing Pamela Anderson’s figure. “Is it silicon?” It was 10 o’clock on a Monday morning in a trendy restaurant of central Beirut. Ali, my hot new date, followed my gaze and peeked discreetly at the ten twentysomething […]
Cairo to Istanbul in a G-string #4
Verbal Warfare in the Holy Land Alleluhia! I made it to Israel… and back! Actually, the Holy Land was a bit of a let down and far as excitement goes. Indeed, God, Yahve and Allah be my witnesses, I swear I honestly did my best to get in trouble and have some interesting stories to […]
Cairo to Istanbul in a G-string #3
Passport Please! I had planned to spend almost a week in Dahab, the Red Sea party town where I thought I could meet tons of interesting fellow travellers and lazily while away afternoons by the beach after a daily snorkel along fabulous coral reef. But of course that would have been too easy. With my […]
Cairo to Istanbul in a G-string #5
Scrub Me, Baby! After Israel, I made it to Syria from Jordan rather easily, the little “stamp me on a separate piece of paper” thing working quite well. Syria’s polite and genuinely hospitable men were a welcome break after the sleaze overdose of Egypt and Jordan. However, Damascus’ great mosque was just another mosque to […]
Cairo to Istanbul in a G-string #2
Siwa Oasis Travelling, especially by yourself, is all about the people you meet along the way. I was lucky this week to meet some really great guys who helped keep the sleaze away for a few days. Karl was a super cool older Austrian fellow who made a wacky usage of 20 basic Arabic sentences […]