Cairo Travel Articles

Egypt: Tales of the Unexpected, Part II – Cairo, Egypt, Africa
Aoife Hegarty saw no possible harm coming from a l
Round The World by Bike: Amman to Cairo: (14 January 2002)
After meeting up with two friends over Christmas, Al has rediscovered laughter. He's found the strength he needs to get all the way to Cape Town.
Searching for Something #8: A Woman in Cairo – Cairo, Egypt
So far Tutti feels like she's living up to her resolutions, even if she doesn't like being a repressed woman in Egypt.
Shadow Lines – Cairo, Egypt
Shadow Lines – Cairo, Egypt Indiana Blazdell is in the house as Philip wanders
Travels With Nate #3: Athens – Cairo – Aswan – Edfu – Luxor and everywhere in between!
Somehow Ian makes his way to Egypt. After telling a cab driver he has four wives, Ian decides that Egypt feels like a different world.
Travels With Nate #4: Cairo, Egypt
Ian fulfills a childhood dream to visit the great pyramids of Giza. He also tries some sheesha for the first time and will be going back for more.
Cairo to Istanbul in a G-string #1
Christine Michaud is flying to Cairo to begin a tw