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A Short Walk Around Cambridge
Philip takes you on a leisurely stroll around town
Cambridge, England – August 2001
For those of you who logged in recently expecting some in-depth reporting from the North Sea Jazz Festival I am sad to report that at the last moment my press credentials weren’t issued and by this time all the tickets were sold out. I did, however, have a lovely weekend in Amsterdam and will be […]
Cambridge, England – July 2001
If you had been down in Harston this week you might have had a bit of a shock. If you had been walking past my house last Wednesday night, on your way perhaps to the local pub, then you would have been rewarded with the sight of my near naked body well and truly jammed […]
Cambridge, England – June 2001
You would think I would be happy: the sun is shining, my footy team have just won a historic treble, I have a beautiful loving girlfriend whose favourite pastime is ironing and I have just convinced my boss that he should pay for me to go off on a fact finding mission of Brasil (sucker). […]
Cambridge, England – May 2001
Philip gives his first impressions on his new home
Cambridge, England – History
Trinity College in winter Cambridge was founded in 43AD by the Roman emperor Cantabrigensis, but remained a dull insignificant market town until the foundation of the university in 1134, at which point it became a dull insignificant market town, with a university. It was founded by students advisedly fleeing Oxford, who promptly built an institution […]
Cambridge, England – General Info
Geography Despite what our cousins on the other side of the Atlantic might believe, especially one William Gates, buying up everything in bulk or giving tiny backwater towns names identical to that of bustling metropolises (and I wish I had a pound for every person I have spoken to for work this week who said, […]