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Big Brother’s African Brother #59: Cape Town, South Africa
Coaxed up Table Mountain by the lure of chocolate, Penny spent a sobering hour within the Langa township and caught the ferry for a thought-provoking tour round Robben Island.
Cape Town, South Africa (20 October 2002)
Cape Town, South Africa (20 October 2002) Al had to resort to opening his champagne with his penknife, but the important thing was that he had reached the end of the road.
Chasing Horizons
Chasing Horizons: Phil Rado has combined work with travel for the last four years.
He has plenty of stories from his travels so far and is looking forward ...
The Baz Bus: A Review – Cape Town, South Africa
The ‘Baz Bus‘ is a hop-on hop-off bus service travelling between Cape Town and Victoria Falls via Northern Drakensburg or Swaziland. The concept is the same as OZ Experience and Kiwi Experience. Passengers pay for a ticket which is valid for twelve months and en route they can jump off and hop on a following […]
Adventure in Cape Town – Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town is South Africa’s City to be seen in. It is world famous for it’s backdrop, Table Mountain, and is the country’s number one cosmopolitan city. Adventure in Cape Town doesn’t just involve throwing yourself off cliffs, shark diving and chasing muggers. No, no, no – Adventure in Cape Town is physical from dawn […]
Cape Town, South Africa – September 1999
Cape Town, South Africa – September 1999 As the bus pulls into Cape Town, I’m greeted by a spectacular view of Table Mountain, a South-Easterly covering the table with its cloth of cloud. My first thoughts at this awesome view are ‘get me off this bus and into bed’. After 18 hours on the bus from Jo’burg, its pretty hard to get […]
Cape Town, South Africa Restaurants
Rustica 70 New Church Street (021) 423 5474. Super value Italian. Wonderful pizzas. Maharani Vegetarian Restaurant 267 Long Street (021) 24 2917 A wheat-grass extravaganza! Beautiful vegetarian Indian food. Platter of all dishes on menu for 2 people is R49. Good value. Kaapse Tafel Restaurant 90 Queen Street (021) 23 1651 More up-market. Main courses […]
Cape Town, South Africa – August 1999
Cape Town, South Africa – August 1999 Indie Rating – Rate It BUDGET $– per day What is Indie Travel? My indie travel rating for : Your daily travel Costs (Optional) –$5$10$15$20$25$30$35$40$45$50$55$60$65$70$75$80$85$90$95$100$105$110$115$120$125$130$135$140$145$150$155$160$165$170$175$180$185$190$195$200USD Approx, excluding flights Rate As I sat down to write this article, it occurred to me that it has been a year to the day since I first arrived in […]
Cape Town, South Africa – May 1999
Cape Town, South Africa – May 1999 I had a lot of misconceptions about Cape Town. I imagined a dusty, dry place, dotted with big game reserves and ghettoes housing poor “Blacks”. I thought the “Whites” would be the most boorish, racist, unsophisticated lugs imaginable, and that nightlife would be reduced to chugging a few brews and munching some Boerwurst sausage. I […]