Carl Boyer Travel Articles

Sailing to Antarctica
Sailing to Antarctica Carl Boyer's passage was rated a six on a scale of ten - a ten meaning turning into the wind for ten hours at full speed and losing three nautical miles in the process.
South America on the Way to Antarctica
Carl Boyer outlines the steps he took to get to Antarctica - with a three-week stop in South America.
Nicaraguan Opportunities – Central America
Nicaraguan Opportunities – Central America

Little did Carl Boyer know how cheap the trip would be, how much it would change his life, or what he would learn about opportunities in Nicaragua over a number of stays.

The Road to Panama – Central America
The Road to Panama – Central America

Driving to the end of the Pan American Highway requires patience, and can involve thousands of vicious speed bumps. Still, Carl Boyer experienced plenty of rewards.

Amazon Riverboats Are “Never Comfortable” – Brazil, South America

Carl Boyer was reading Jean Paul Sartre's play, "No Exit," which described his concept of hell. Sartre got it wrong. Hell is the B/M Leão IV. Read why.

Crossing the Guianas – South America
Carl Boyer found Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana different from what he had read, but with a little patience, one can take public transportation from Georgetown to Brazil.