Caroline Cowan Travel Articles

A Quick One – Malawi, Africa
While on a visa run to Malawi, Caroline Cowan finds that Malawians offer service with a smile, even when they are taking you to court.
History in the Sand – Mozambique, Africa
Caroline Cowan explored the north part of Mozambique, where history and suntans go hand in hand.
Talking Clichés – Topuito, Mozambique, Africa
While on a trip to a couple of small islands off the northern Mozambican coast, Caroline Cowan discovers that even though it is a cliché, paradise does exist.
Learning Italian in the Real Italy – Mogliano, Le Marche Region, Italy
As Caroline Cowan learns, while Italians do most things that everyone else does: eat, drink, work, shop, they do it all with unique Italian style.