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Western New York Travel Guide
It's cold and gets dark early, but there are so many Christmas lights everywhere,
you'll never know.
Western New York – December 2000
Lighting the Darkness "Neighborhood lights and display contest? Good grief!" Charlie Brown’s anguish was understandable, given the Vegas-style glitz that wins first prize for Snoopy’s doghouse in A Charlie Brown Christmas. Snoopy wasn’t the first to go over-the-top. There’s something about holiday lights that makes otherwise sober people go wild, and peaceful neighbors enter into […]
Western New York – November 2000
Western New York – November 2000 By Carolyn Kourofsky Hollywood East (of Erie) Attention, shoppers. Today’s bakery special is a movie camera with a side of sound boom. Quiet on the set. If this supermarket were in LA, no one would even notice. But shoppers at Hegedorn’s, a small grocery store in the town of […]
Western New York – September 2000
A Walk Through September Come September, western New Yorkers remember why we live here and not somewhere else. This can be hard to recall at other times of the year. February, for example. Or April 15. Or even July, on one of those days when 90-degree temperatures melt the mind and humidity turns memory to […]
Western New York – August 2000
Hop Off the Thruway and Stay a While Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Canandaigua, Geneva, Niagara Falls – if you know them only as white letters on a green sign as you speed past at 65mph (watch those State troopers!), you need to get off I-90 and look around. There’s a lot more to New York than […]
Wobbling Through the Loire – France
Combining exercise and fine French cuisine on a 3
Four Favorite Paris Experiences – Cheaper and Better
1. All of Paris at your feet A view from the Eiffel Tower will cost you a long wait in line, plus 42 francs for the elevator ride to the second level, or 57 francs to go all the way to the top, or several hundred dollars to have your wallet lifted by one of […]