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Worldwide with Wee-Cheng #57: Turkmenistan: Admiring The Beloved Great Leader\’s Book in the City of Love, II – Turkmenistan
Much as Wee-Cheng likes the country and the friendly people, he can do without the personality cult politics and the ubiquitous national oath.
Worldwide with Wee-Cheng #55: Baku, Azerbaijan: Short Foray in Boom Town – Baku, Azerbaijan
The local Azeris remind Wee-Cheng of the amazing hospitality so prevalent across the Caucasus and Central Asia.
Worldwide with Wee-Cheng #54: Turkmenistan: Homage to Its Leader & Learning a New Calendar – Mary, Turkmenistan
Things to do today: take over country, have gold monuments made in my likeness, rename months after my gracious self.
Uzbekistan 2000 – Visas
Visas I applied for the visas myself which turned out, in the case of the Russian visa, to be a mistake. The Uzbekistan Embassy in Washington is now offering a multi-entry visa to US citizens without a letter of support. Mine cost $45 and took a little better than one week to process. For the […]
Uzbekistan 2000 – Travel Agents
Travel Agents I used a number of travel agents and can recommend them all. I used Academservice of Moscow (E-mail: acs@acase.ru) for my Moscow hotels – the Moskva and Novotel. They supplied the support letter for the Russian visa application after I faxed them my credit card number. I also asked them to send a […]
Uzbekistan 2000 – Hotels
Hotels The Moskva ($48 per night) in Moscow was an aging soviet giant, slightly run down, but very well located. It was just off Red Square and near the metro and shopping. It’s easy to get lost in it – it was a long walk from the entrance to the elevators. I received about 6-8 […]
Uzbekistan 2000 – Visa Problems
A Small Visa Problem – Wednesday, September 13 I was on my way home from Uzbekistan via Moscow. At the airport the immigration official asked to see my Russian visa. When I showed it to him he frowned. “I think,” he said slowly, “your Russian visa has expired.” I wasn’t exactly sure how that could […]
Uzbekistan 2000 – Turkestan
The Road to Turkestan – Monday, September 11 I was on my way to Turkestan, in Kazakhstan, to visit the Yasawi Mausoleum. It’s one of the best preserved of the many monuments built by Timur – the national hero of Uzbekistan. It was the last trip of my vacation and something I had been looking […]
Uzbekistan 2000 – Tim
The road to Tim and Samarkand – Thursday, September 7 Laura wanted to stop in Tim on the way to Samarkand and that created a couple of problems. First, Tim wasn’t exactly on the way to Samarkand and the side trip would add hours to our journey. More importantly, none of us were sure exactly […]
Uzbekistan 2000 – Samarkand
Samarkand – Friday, September 8 I started my sightseeing early the next morning: first I stopped at the bazaar to take some more pictures. The best one was of a line of women selling handmade brooms. In the background loomed the huge blue-domes of the Bibi-Khanym mosque which sits on the south edge of the […]