Cheryl Morris Travel Articles

Patagonia, Argentina – Argentina
Patagonia, Argentina – Argentina Whale watching, sandboarding, penguins and porpoises. Just a sample of what Cheryl Morris found in Argentinian Patagonia.
Glaciers National Park, Argentina
Glaciers National Park, Argentina Crossing the continental ice at the end of April i
Gibraltar Gibraltar has many hidden treasures to distract you.
Cape Town, South Africa – May 1999
Cape Town, South Africa – May 1999 I had a lot of misconceptions about Cape Town. I imagined a dusty, dry place, dotted with big game reserves and ghettoes housing poor “Blacks”. I thought the “Whites” would be the most boorish, racist, unsophisticated lugs imaginable, and that nightlife would be reduced to chugging a few brews and munching some Boerwurst sausage. I […]
Black Forest, Germany
There is so much more to this region than trees, c