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The Chilean Witch Project – Chiloé, Chile
Chiloé is a small, yet magical, part of Chile which is not often visited by tourists. Its people, who have traditionally earned their living from the sea and from subsistence farming, are generally terribly poor but are amongst some of the friendliest people you will meet in South America. A few days there is sufficient […]
Punta Arenas, Chile – General Info
Getting There The city has a good international airport that has reasonably priced flights to Ushuaia and other important Chilean and Argentinean destinations. Most people try to avoid travelling by plane in this spectacularly beautiful area and rely heavily on the excellent bus services. There are regular buses to Santiago, Puerto Natales and Rio Gallegos […]
Punta Arenas, Chile
A little bit of History and Geography Punta Arenas, which lies at a southerly latitude of approximately 54° south was discovered by J. Byron in the 17th century who named it “Punta Arenosa” (Sandy Point). Today, it is Patagonia’s largest and most commercially important city and the capital of Magallanes provincia and Magallanes y de […]
Puerto Montt, Chile
The small city of Puerto Montt has very little to offer the world weary tourist and would hardly merit a mention if it wasn’t for the Navimag boat which sails from there twice a week. However, whilst waiting for the boat to sail there are some interesting things to see and it’s possible, with just […]
Pucon, Chile
Geography Pucon is just slightly north from Temuco. Click on the map for a larger image that opens in a new browser window. Weather Check out the latest weather at: The weather in Pucon is notorious changeable and on many days the volcano is shrouded in mist and closed for climbers. During my stay […]
Chiloé, Chile – General Info
Geography Chiloé is located at the south end of Chile, and it is part of the administrative Region of the Lakes, X Región. The island is only 180km long and 50km wide. This island is separated from the continent by the channel of Chacao, which is about 2 km wide. Most of the population centres […]
Southern Lakes Crossing
Which is the Most Beautiful Lake in Chile? Of the dozen or so major lakes in Chile’s Southern Lakes Region travellers invariably score Lago Todos Los Santos as tops. Volcán Osorno from Lago Todos Los Santos It differs from the others by being preserved deep within the mountains and is surrounded by much virgin forest […]
Fishing Guide for Travellers
This is a guide for backpackers who like the idea of catching a fish for the table now and then whilst roaming the world. Barbecueing a salmon at Hornopirén, Chile Recreational fishing is the most popular of activities devised since Isaak Walton, born in Stafford, England, set out the broad principles in his book “The […]
Torres del Paine National Park – Chile
Monte Almirante and tarn Chile is a land of spectacular mountains and volcanoes. Its backbone of the Andean cordillera extends over 4000 kms north to south forming a natural boundary with neighboring Argentina. Certainly having some of the best mountain scenery in all South America is the Torres del Paine National Park, located some 350 […]
Laguna San Rafael
Yelcho Cruise The Yelcho at Laguna San Rafael Chile’s wild west fiordland coast is a fascinating region of unique natural beauty. The ice fields of northern Patagonia have glaciers that descend into the sea and the famous San Rafael Glacier with its lagoon of drifting icebergs is accessible by cruise ship from Puerto Chacabuco. The […]