Chile Travel Articles

Navimag Graduation – Magellan Straits, Chile
Leanne Lance describes her Navimag ferry crossing as a fantastic adventure, but long enough. Read why.
Pucon Dreaming – Pucon, Chile, South America
Leanne Lance's plans for opening a wicked vegetarian restaurant and living a brawny mountain life in Pucon slowly turned into cerveza coloured dreams. Ah, the beauty of a dream.
Fanny Pack Snatch – Santiago, Chile, South America
Linda Waltgenberger recounts this true story of her 60+ friend who impulsively and bravely retrieved Linda's fanny pack with contents intact.
Patagonian Express – Patagonia, Chile
Except for the demolition derby, George Kalli and Ashley Reed have never seen such rapid annihilation of a vehicle as their one in Chile.
Touring Chile – Santiago, Chile
Whenever Patrick Smith thinks of Chile, he gets lyrical.
Trials and Treasures in Patagonia – Patagonia, Chile
Trials and Treasures in Patagonia – Patagonia, Chile Kyle Hammons ventures to an isolated valley in Patagonia, facing rushing rivers and rewarding kindness.
The Sorrows of Santiago: Augusto Pinochet and Chile – Santiago, Chile
It is 1998 and Erika Lorentzsen is running for her
Chile Travel Facts
The Basics Country: Chile Where is it?: Chile is on the west coast of South America, west of Argentina and Bolivia. Why do people go here?: Chile is wine country. Vinyard tours are available and popular. The sea ports of central Chile are the most visited (Santiago & Valpariso). Pablo Neruda, the world famous poets, […]
Blowout on Carratera Austral – Carratera Austral, Chile
A punctured tire ends up being the least of Yan Su
Beyond the Backyard #5: Everything Your Monther Told You Not to Do – Mendoza and Santiago, Chile
On her birthday, Elysse did exactly what every parent warns their child about: talking to strangers, taking rides from strangers, taking food from strangers...