Chile Travel Articles

Continental Drift #6: Salty Sacredness – Chile
Adam ponders the indomitable human spirit and asks what is sacred as he wanders the streets of a mining ghost town in northern Chile.
Santiago, Chile to Salta, Argentina (July 2003) – Chile and Argentina
All play and no work is making Al wonder if his trip should continue. Perhaps Argentina can help him rediscover why he's doing all this.
Bariloche to Santiago, Chile (May 2003) – Santiago, Chile
Chileans seem to have a bit of a complex about their status in the World and Al did his best to fuel their egos with what he had seen of their country.
The Carreterra Austral, Chile – Chile
The CA is one of the World's 'Great Roads' for cycling (along with the Karakoram Highway and the Friendship Highway) and Al had wanted to ride it for years. He was not disappointed.
On Andean Trout – Chile & Argentina
Allan Taylor found trout fishing in Chile tended to be a no-frills activity. Use of a rod is considered an idiosyncrasy of foreigners and an unnecessary luxury.
Ushuaia to Los Torres del Paine, Chile (March 2003) – Chile
Al is back in the bike saddle and it's only 17,848 kilometers to Alaska. A new continent, new road conditions, but the people continue to be friendly.
El Teniente – El Teniente, Chile
El Teniente – El Teniente, Chile While wandering around Chile, Allan Taylor took the opportunity to see El Teniente Copper Mine - an unforgettable trip to an amazing copper mine.
Angler’s Kitchen – Chile
Angler’s Kitchen – Chile Allan Taylor suggests ways you can always be sure
The Exploitation and Contradiction of South America – Stop Whining, Start Chilean: Volume 7
If Italy and Spain took a trip to South America together, and, after a night of passionate European love-making, Spain became pregnant with Italy's kid, and the kid was born much larger than the size of both their parents combined, then you would have Argentina.
China. Maybe One Day #6: Big Catch Up – Argentina, Chile and Bolivia
Jez updates his adventure over the last two weeks or so, including a Navimag cruise, Moreno Glacier in El Calafate, partying in Santiago and a visit to the largest salt flat in the world in Bolivia.