Cindy Zimmer Travel Articles

Cindy’s UK Tour #4: The Quest for the Pot of Gold – Dublin, Northern Ireland
Exploring this amazing natural phenomenon, combined with a great hike, makes for an awesome day trip.
Cindy’s UK Tour #6: Island Life – Scotland
Although not very big, the Isle of Bute in Scotland has a varied range of hiking trails.
Cindy’s UK Tour #3: Wales and the Red Dragon – Cardiff, Wales
Cindy admires the history of Wales in both Cardiff and Caernarfon.
Cindy’s UK Tour #5: The Giant’s Causeway and the Legend of Finn McCool – Ballycastle, Northen Ireland
A few days in Dublin to delve into some history, visit U2's Kitchen and sample Guinness straight from the source.
Cindy’s UK Tour #1: Arriving in London – London, England
No sleep on the plane, but the excitement of being in another country gives the boost of 10 cups of coffee.
Cindy’s UK Tour #2: The Lights of Brighton to the Quiet of the Salisbury Plains – Brighton, England
A quick tour of southern England reveals a lot of history; from Salisbury to Stonehenge to Avebury.