Clayton Trapp Travel Articles

Trans-Atlantic Travelogue #7
We Disembark, are Accosted by Gypsies, and are Unable to Purchase a Car Due to Concerns Over Possible Terrorist Connections Barcelona, Spain May 16, 2001 Scoreboard: 11,100 miles; 5 Countries, 20 states Sundown on the Grandeur of the Seas The final days of the cruise blew by. Funchal, Malaga, Alicante…they were all nice, but we […]
Trans-Atlantic Travelogue #6
We Cross the Atlantic, Appear in a Talent Show and Listen to Jumpin’ Jack Flash Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands) May 7, 2001 Scoreboard: 8680 miles; 3 Countries, 20 states Alexandra naps in a porthole After five days of nothing but beautiful water the crew and passengers are getting a bit restless, and things […]
Trans-Atlantic Travelogue #5
We Take to the High Seas, and Eat a Lot St. Thomas, Virgin Islands May 1, 2001 Scoreboard: 6000 miles; 2 Countries, 20 states The last week in Miami was almost too relaxing. We’ve been on the road for more than a month now, we think we’re authentic gypsies, you can’t just hand us a […]
Trans-Atlantic Travelogue #2
Yellowstone, the Gilded Coral Snail and 2120 South Michigan Avenue Willoughby, Ohio April 8, 2001 Scoreboard: 10 states I have to start this installment with a confession. When I first wake up I’m an idiot. For 45 minutes or so I can’t comprehend the most basic concepts, can’t carry on a decent conversation, mess up […]