Colin Todhunter Travel Articles

Is the Party Over – Goa, India, Asia
Colin Todhunter discovered that Goa’s underbelly is dirty, corrupt and well thought out.
Tribute to the Indian Coffee House – India, Asia
Colin Todhunter found the Indian Coffee Houses to be basic, where decor generally takes a back seat to the low prices and delicious food, where the headdresses on the waiters are usually a metaphor fo
Insane About a Dog – India
Colin Todhunter's not-quite-canine travel companion, Chester, gets plenty of attention on a trip to India. Chester, however, couldn't care less.
Long Lost Winter – Anjuna, Goa, India
Colin Todhunter longs to return to Anjuna.
A Personal Goodbye to Broadlands Lodge in Chennai – Chennai, India
Perhaps “unwritten laws” should be spelt out and made public. Just because they exist and are tacitly accepted by many, does not mean they are right. Hotels exist throughout India where both
Calangute: Nightmare in Paradise – Goa, India
Calangute, Goa is commercialism overlaid with more commercialism.
Enjoy Your Trip – India
Colin Todhunter notes, Indian pavements can seriously damage your health.
Simply Coffee – India
After having sampled the delights of coffee around the globe, Colin Todhunter has come to conclude that there is only one place to drink it: India.
Lifeblood – India
Many tourists spend half of their trip visiting museums, monuments and galleries to get some kind of insight into the place they are visiting. But according to Colin Todhunter, a first rate indicator
There’s No Deja Vu at Ellora – Maharastra, India
One place that has left a lasting effect like no other on Colin Todhunter is the Kailasa Temple at Ellora in Maharastra.