Colin Todhunter Travel Articles

On the Road to Ruin with David and Victoria Beckham: A Message from India – UK and India
For a foreigner, the newspapers in India can be fascinating. There is just so much happening in terms of politics, religion, and economic and cultural change. But what can you expect in a country of o
The Journey’s End in India – Chennai, India
Colin Todhunter left the train in Chennai and never got back on as he realized, you can't change India, India changes you.
Over the Seas and Far Away: I Wish You Were Here – India
Colin Todhunter wistfully recalls finding love on the road.
Blow Horn! – India
Colin Todhunter has the horns he likes and the horns he doesn't - India is full of both!
Strange Kind of Love Affair – India
Colin Todhunter recounts his most passionate love affair.
Beyond the Outer Limits – India
Colin Todhunter closes his eyes and finds his dreams taking him around the world and back to where he belongs.
Going Nowhere Fast – India
Perhaps in years to come, even the darkest recesses of the Amazon (if it still exists) will become tourist destinations. At that point, physically there will be nowhere left to roam; nowhere left to e
Give me South India Anytime – South India
Colin Todhunter expresses his devotion to South India and all that it offers.
Liverpool Capital of Culture – Liverpool, UK
Colin Todhunter shows off the best his hometown of
Cumbrian December – English Lake District, UK
While Colin Todhunter hikes an English mountain, h