Conor Grennan Travel Articles

You Aren’t What You Eat – Singapore
Conor Grennan spends his time in Singapore looking at food that closely resembles squeaky dog toys.
Specialty of the House – Ecuador
Conor Grennan represses his memories of his sister's guinea pig and opens his mouth for cuy.
Lost in Translation – Quito, Ecuador
Conor Grennan knew Ecuador was going to be a bit of a challenge when he started barking out various combinations of the four Spanish words that he knew like a disturbed parrot.
Birthday Boy – Rajasthan, India
For this 30th birthday, Conor Grennan signs up for a camel tour, which only served to announce the fact that he would be spending my birthday alone, his only hope of companionship being to hire whatev
Socialists Need High-End Electronics Too – Sri Lanka
Conor Grennan enters a country where the first things he reads on the Embarkation Card are: USE BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS.....ONLY BLUE OR BLACK INK.....DEATH PENALTY.
Pillows Should Come With Instructions – Brussels and Prague
Conor Grennan thinks the concept of the overnight bus is a great one in theory: it's cheaper than flying, you can avoid paying for accommodation, and you go to sleep and magically wake up in your dest