Cuba Travel Articles

One Night and Fourteen Days In Havana – Cuba, Caribbean
Mara Panacci was in Cuba to mark the 45th anniversary of The Union of Young Communists. What she experienced, felt and how she connected melted into her like no amount of chocolate could.
Cuban Holiday – Cuba, Caribbean
Cuban Holiday – Cuba, Caribbean For Moushumi Chakrabarty, Christmas in Varadero means hammocks, sound of the wind and rush of the waves, as well as a good book.
In the Ruins of the Future – Havana, Cuba
To Devin Foxall, there existed a facet of Cuban life quickly noticeable but impossible to explain: people seemed to undertake the most common and everyday tasks with a special sense of purpose. To ent
The Adventures of a Mother and Daughter’s Trip to Cuba – Cuba
Liliane Bohbot's daughter may have found the love of her life in Cuba - but what happens when leaves without saying goodbye?
The Rebel Quintet – Cuba
Unassuming and jovial, travelers would never guess
Cuba Travel Facts
The Basics Country: Cuba Where is it?: Caribbean, island between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, 150 km south of Key West, Florida Why do people go here?: One of the least commercialized islands in the Caribbean, despite its size, due to sanctions from the US government and restrictions on travel to the […]
Havana Travel Facts
The Basics City Name: Havana Where is it located?: Havana is located in Cuba, on the western fourth of the island. Why do people go there?: Havana is the heart and soul of Cuba, from Communism to cigars to music. There is always something happening in Havana. How do travelers get there?: Flying into Havana […]
Biking Cuba – Cuba
Biking Cuba To Santa Clara, Cuba 15 March 2001 Romance me arse! I am too shagged to do anything, even write. Today is the first day that I have managed to get into a pattern: as in sleep, then cycle, then sleep again. The first stage from Trinidad had me reeling. Not enough sleep and […]
Cuban Salsa – Cuba
Cuban Salsa – Cuba Turning, spinning and gyrating, Aidan Doyle experi
In the Shadow of the Sierra Maestra – Cuba
Ajay Nityananda witnesses the flesh trade in Santi