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A Perfect Place to Get Lost – Lundy Island, UK
Backpackers travelling to Greatest Britain (centre of the universe) may find it hard to locate places that are ‘off-the-beaten-track’. This is due to obvious non-massive nature of the land. Those who do find themselves out there may simply be lost in darkened city alleys after another night in London’s famous “Church”. For those unfamiliar with […]
Iga Warta – An Aboriginal Insight – Australia
The Iga Warta Aboriginal community offers backpack
The Baz Bus: A Review – Cape Town, South Africa
The ‘Baz Bus‘ is a hop-on hop-off bus service travelling between Cape Town and Victoria Falls via Northern Drakensburg or Swaziland. The concept is the same as OZ Experience and Kiwi Experience. Passengers pay for a ticket which is valid for twelve months and en route they can jump off and hop on a following […]
Lone Female
Incident I was traveling between Cairns and Alice Springs on a three-day overland trip. On the trip were the driver, a company mechanic, a Texan and four girls. Everyone was traveling alone. To cut a long story short, on the first night, after some heavy drinking the driver, who was in his 50’s, entered the […]
Jeffery’s Bay – Locals Guide
South Africa's most famous surfing spot is a worth
Coffee Bay – A Locals Guide
Coffee Bay South Africa The Transkei, South Africa. During Apartheid in South Africa, the Transkei was made a Homeland for the Xhosa People. It was the Apartheid Government’s way of segregating whites from blacks. They may have given them a homeland but the land they gave had little economic prospects or worth. Racism was so […]
Adventure in Cape Town – Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town is South Africa’s City to be seen in. It is world famous for it’s backdrop, Table Mountain, and is the country’s number one cosmopolitan city. Adventure in Cape Town doesn’t just involve throwing yourself off cliffs, shark diving and chasing muggers. No, no, no – Adventure in Cape Town is physical from dawn […]
The Road to Becoming OZ Experienced – Coober Pedy from Alice Springs
On The Bus… From Alice Springs on our way to Adelaide, this was day one of four that would take us southbound from the Red Centre, into South Australia and along the Stuart Highway into Adelaide. Our brand new OZ Experience bus driver Tom, aka ‘The Skipper’, gave us the low down on the trip […]
The Road to Becoming OZ Experienced – Cape Otway from The Grampians
Photojournalist David Savage travels Australia on the OZ Experience… On The Bus… Our journey from Hall’s Gap continued through a final stretch of the Grampians, taking us closer and closer to the coast. Before reaching our first glimpse of the ‘Big Blue’, we drove into and through a huge extinct volcanic crater known as Tower […]
The Road to Becoming OZ Experienced – Sydney from Canberra
Photojournalist David Savage travels Australia on the OZ Experience… On The Bus… My final day on the OZ Experience. Seven and a half weeks earlier I had left Sydney heading north on the first leg of my journey. Although Canberra is only three hours from Sydney, today’s leg took us along the coastline that was […]