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The Strange Motel Mosque – Paharaganj, Delhi
People say you either love or hate India. Carlie D
Delhi Travel Facts
The Basics City Name: Delhi Where is it located?: New Delhi is in northern India. Why do people go there?: The capital of India, New Delhi is rich with color, people, animals, cars, old buildings, new buildings – and overall chaos. Delhi can be very daunting for those having just arrived in India. After adjusting […]
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A Round-the-World Journey to Find a New Home #2
27th April 2001, 22:30Delhi, and it’s about 33°C First impressions: well, after a dream flight (there were only about 50 passengers on our 747 plane, and we could pretty much choose where to sit) walking off the aircraft we were hit by a wall of heat. Not a basking heat, but a heat that you […]