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The Basics Country: Denmark Where is it: Denmark is located in northern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, on a peninsula north of Germany (Jutland); also includes two major islands (Sjaelland and Fyn). Why do people go here: This socially progressive country that includes more than 400 islands comprises the literal and […]
Copenhagen from Top to Toe – Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen from Top to Toe – Copenhagen, Denmark Getting to know Copenhagen in just one hour, with Terje Raa.
A Smorgasbord of Scandinavian Sights – Scandinavia
A Smorgasbord of Scandinavian Sights – Scandinavia home_march25_scan.jpgMore castles, boat
Christiania: A Hippy Vision Endures
Leif Pettersen discusses Denmark's social experime
Legoland – Vejle, Denmark
Legoland – Vejle, Denmark Reminiscing from his childhood, Leif Pettersen tak
Traveller Strikes Back – Denmark
Philip Blazdell shuts down Munich airport, kidnaps
Meet the Dastardly Denizen of Hostels – Copenhagen, Denmark
Ken Vollmer tells the story of a true super-villai
Storms, Dykes and Storks – Ribe, Denmark
Storms, Dykes and Storks – Ribe, Denmark Vikings, Storms, Dykes and Storks A Day in Ribe, Denmark It’s a calm and sunny day when my hubby and I roll into Ribe, Denmark’s oldest town. Once a bustling sea port over 500 ago, Ribe was a happening place. Its character was shaped by the floods, fires, and the Vikings that once called Ribe […]
Copenhagen, Denmark – September 2001
Spunk Junkie The �resund Bridge For my money, and believe me, I don’t have a lot, Copenhagen must be one of the world’s most dangerous cities. Afghanistan – ha, that’s for wimps, Bosnia – I took my mother there for a weekend break, the Sudan – child’s play. But Denmark, and more specifically Copenhagen – […]
Copenhagen, Denmark – History
Little is known of Danish history before the age of the Vikings (9th-11th cent. A.D.), when the Danes had an important role in the Viking (or Norse) raids on Western Europe and were prominent among the invaders of England who were opposed by King Alfred (871-99) and his successors. St. Ansgar (801-65) helped convert the […]