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Making Friends with Street Vendors
Making Friends with Street Vendors You may never had any interactions with street vendors around the world other than buying something or trying to ignore them. But Dominic DeGrazier's time with some street vendors in Montevideo, Uruguay taught him that sometimes it's best to slow down and get to know them.
Sri Lanka in Photos – A Land of Surprise
Sri Lanka in Photos – A Land of Surprise Dominic DeGrazier is a writer and photographer who recently visited Sri Lanka for the first time, finally connecting to a culture he'd known peripherally for most of his life.
The Life of a Traveling Mochila – The World
Dominic DeGrazier ponders the life of travel for Generation X'ers - how they travel, why they travel and the lessons they learn along the way.
Locombia – hold up a second – Colombia
Dominic DeGrazier's favorite country in South Amer
Mate (Mah-Tay) Culture – Argentina, South America
In Dominic's hometown, people would never share dr