Doug Burnett Travel Articles

Shiraz – Saturday April 17
I took the morning off and read in my room after breakfast. About 9:30 I got restless and I headed out to visit some of the mosques I wanted to see. They were located in and around the bazaar. I had a great morning and found all of the places I was looking for. The […]
Getting Around in Iran
The night I first arrived in Tehran I was met by a guy from the travel agency. He was holding a little sign with my name on it. He said, “Welcome. Come over here, I have something to show you.” He led me away from the throng to the far side of the arrival hall. […]
Myanmar 2001: The Ancient Cities
Amarapura, Sagaing, Inwa – Friday, February 16 In the morning I found my sore throat had changed into a runny nose, so I walked back to the pharmacy and bought some antihistamine. Well, at least my throat felt better. When I got back there was a guy waiting for me in the lobby – my […]
Myanmar 2001: Salay
Salay – Wednesday, February 14 I wanted to take another short trip out of Bagan today but had made no arrangements. After breakfast I walked outside the hotel gate and ran into Song Song again. By now he thought he was running my affairs. He always seemed to get his fingers into my travel plans. […]
Myanmar 2001: Mt Popa
Mt Popa – Tuesday, February 13 With Song Song’s help, I arranged for a car to take me to Mt. Popa in the morning. The half-day trip cost $25. Song Song told me that the driver was his brother but I suspect he was using that term with the widest possible meaning. At one point […]
Myanmar 2001: Mingun
Mingun – Saturday, February 17 When I stepped out in the morning, Mg Aye Lay was waiting for me. Our first stop was the pharmacy – again. I was making some kind of strange progress with my cold: the running nose was gone and now I had a cough. This being my third visit, the […]
Myanmar 2001: Mandalay
Mandalay – Thursday, February 15 To my great disappointment, I awoke with a sore throat. Usually if I’m going to get a respiratory infection, it happens just after I arrive or when I first get home. I have always blamed this on the hours spent in the poorly circulated air of a crowded plane. Anyway, […]
Myanmar 2001: Bago
Bago – Sunday, February 11 At 8:00am my driver Jeffery arrived. He was a tall, handsome man in his early 30′s who spoke English with a thick Indian accent. He wore a crisp, white shirt and a dark, plaid longyi, the skirt-like affair that Burmese men wear instead of trousers. We were going to Bago, […]
Myanmar 2001: Bagan
Bagan – Monday, February 12 At 5:00 in the morning I left for the airport. The hotel’s regular driver hadn’t arrived yet so the doorman walked out into the dark street to look for a taxi. He had to go down to the first major intersection, but finally he found one. As I hopped in […]
Myanmar 2001
Travelogue Dates February 10th: Yangon The single most striking sight in Yangon – and perhaps all of Myanmar – is the Shwedagon Paya. February 11th: Bago From this vantage point of Shwemawdaw Paya it seemed that every hill top within sight was covered with additional payas. February 12th: Bagan Two things about horse transportation: first, […]