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Amboseli National Park, Kenya
Amboseli is probably most famous for its photograp
Tsavo East National Park, Kenya
This a a true wilderness park. It even has pink el
The Tana River Conservation Zone, Kenya
Kenya's largest river and important lifeline for m
The Rift Valley Circuit, Kenya
A host of national parks set in the fantastic scen
Mount Kenya National Park, Kenya
Kenya's second highest mountain and a spiritual pl
Mount Elgon National Park, Kenya
An extinct volcano straddling the border between K
Masai Mara, Kenya
Home to the spectacular Wildebeest Migration, one
Wonderful Watamu, Kenya
A beach village with national parks and archeologi
Mozambique, Southern Africa – August 1999
Mozambique is the land of the unlikely story with an important difference; here, the tall tales are typically true. Ponder, for example, whether John Jay of Macaneta is really Lord Lucan; or what a bounder called Blandford (self-styled ‘Cornish Ambassador’) is doing living in a pup-tent on Wimbi beach; and how about the ‘Sultan of […]
Kenya – May 1999
I am always intrigued by the travel guides referrals to various lakes in the Rift Valley as being ‘the best’ lake to see flamingoes. There is no best spot because the flamingoes migrate up and down the Rift soda lakes continuously, depending on how the weather has affected the lakes over the previous few months. […]