Ecuador Nutz and Bolts Travel Articles

Ecuador Travel Facts
The Basics Country: Ecuador Where is it?: Ecuador in bordered by Colombia to the North, Peru to the south and east, and the Pacific Ocean to the West. Why do people go here?: There are no other tropical destinations that can stand up to the variety offered by Ecuador. With four different regions which go […]
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Quito Travel Facts
The Basics City Name: Quito Where is it located?: Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is just a few miles south of the equador. Why do people go there?: Travelers tend to visit the Old Town of Quito, which is on UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s a great place where you can organize and plan any […]
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Galapagos Is. Travel Facts
The Basics City Name: Galapagos Is Where is it located?: The famous Galapagos Islands are off the coast of Ecuador. Why do people go there?: Made famous by Charles Darwin, the Galapagos islands are home to a myriad of amazing species found nowhere else in the world. How do travelers get there?: The Galapagos islands […]
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